The Genesis staff exists to prayerfully discern what God is calling our community to do, and then to serve the Genesis community as we do what God is calling us to do, together.  



Catie Schlenk, Operations Director

Catie is a recovering lawyer who spends her time at Genesis developing and maintaining the systems that make our community run smoothly. She’s wicked smart, but she's also an empathetic listener who loves to help people learn to love God and love themselves. She helps Genesis continue to ask the question, "What does it look like to create systems that empower people to become ordinary disciples of Jesus?"


Steve Haines, Associate Pastor

Haines is the one that keeps calling us back to the things that matter most, like loving each other well. He's in charge of our community groups, and he leads us in worship on Sunday mornings. Steve loves to ask questions that get at "the thing beneath the thing." Steve helps Genesis continue to ask the question, "How can we find God together?" or (612) 423-2299



Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor

Steve is the founder of Genesis. He's the primary preacher on Sundays, he leads the staff team, and he tackles anything that needs a little extra creativity. He loves solving problems, creating things that didn't exist before, and seeing people discover what it is that makes them come alive. Steve helps Genesis continue to ask the question, "What new beginning is God inviting us into?" 

Read Steve's blog here.

Listen to Steve's podcast here.