Where does our church’s heart beat? What serving and missional opportunities already exist in our people, our community groups, our church as a whole?


How can our efforts be strengthened by connecting passionate like-minded people?



What opportunities do we as a church have to make kingdom impact right now?


Genesis Covenant is all about cultivating new beginnings in all of us everywhere. New beginnings are exciting. New beginnings are contagious and full of love. Our new beginnings should compel us to share God’s work in our lives and His love for us with others.

With that, the Advocacy Team at Genesis exists so that one new beginning might lead to another.

That doesn’t just happen on Sundays, it happens between Sundays. It isn’t about committees and meetings it’s about boldly serving and doing kingdom work in our communities near and far. And it happens naturally…

Therefore, the Advocacy Team’s aim is to harness what’s already happening in the life of Church and invite others from Genesis to join the efforts: because the impact is deeper when we are in it together.

We’re just getting started… but we are ready to listen! Please take a moment to tell us how you are engaging with the community. 

 Click here and tell us. We're listening!