Israel/Palestine Trip, Part 2

Posted by Dan Cook on 05/09/17 @ 3:46 PM

We've got another post from our friends in Israel/Palestine as part of the Global Immersion Project trip!

Please keep them in your prayers and appreciate reading about what they're learning and experiencing.

This post is from our friend, Sherry Lee!


Hello Dear Friends,

It's only Tuesday and it already feels like we've been here a week. We've met with some amazing peacemakers on both sides of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and fallen in love with all. I may not agree with all of their beliefs, but I agree with their hearts, which are open and tender towards the "other."

On Sunday, our first day, we walked around Jerusalem visiting some of the holy sights that are important to both Jewish and Christian faiths. After we went to a restaurant with a lovely rooftop garden where we met with Sheikh Ihab. What a delight! One couldn't help seeing the sparkle in his eyes and hear the love for Allah in his voice when he spoke. His interaction with everyone was so genuine and real. He was willing to answer any question and when asked about America's perception of Islam, he asked our forgiveness around the fact that Muslims had not done a good enough job of representing their religion.

During our conversation we heard gun shots in the distance. We later found out that a young Palestinian 16 yr old girl had been shot at the Damascus Gate, not far from where we were. We checked the news feed and twitter to find out what happened and realized we my never know, because of differing accounts. We may never know the truth. 

As peacemakers, this morning we chose to get up and walk to Damascus Gate in honor of Fatima Hjeiji. We stood and quietly said a few prayers to honor a young girl. There were no flowers laying where she died. Everything had been erased as if nothing happened. No one stopped and hesitated if for a second to remember her, because if they did, they could be in trouble too. I pray that somehow her life will impact others as they try to reconcile her death.

With hope, 

Sherry Lee


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