Preparing for the Day of Baptism or Dedication


We encourage you to reflect on the meaning within the celebrations of baptism and dedication, and invite you to wonder about a unique way God might be calling your family to affirm and bless the love of God in your child. This unique way can support your intention for the celebration day and help you to remember that intention in the days that follow.

The following sections include ideas to help you reflect on and remember the intention within these celebrations. Choose ideas that speak to you and align with your hope for your child’s spiritual life. Do what feels natural and listen to the limits of your capacity.

Remember - these ideas are in no way required. If the idea of doing something to remember this celebration day excites you, read on. If this idea feels heavy, then rest in what is already planned for the community celebration and know it will be a blessing to your child.


Set Aside a Time and Space to Bless Your Child

Pick a date and invite those who might want to bless your child. Choose a setting that is peaceful and inviting. Be aware of your surroundings and notice if there are any images of God that speak to you: rocks, water, flowers, a candle, a cross or a picture.


Choose Words of Scripture to Read Over Your Child

Choose a passage that has special significance for your child’s life. Don’t be afraid to change the language to reflect your desires. Some of our favorites are: Ephesians 3:14-19, Numbers 6:24-26, and Psalm 139:1-18.


Pray a Prayer Over Your Child

Hold or place your hands on your child. Do your best to relax and let go of praying perfectly. Pray about your questions and hopes. Write down the prayer before or after to remember.


Write a Letter

Write a letter to your child that expresses your hopes for their spiritual life. Read it aloud during the time you set aside to bless your child. Save it for your child to bring out each year or at a time that seems right when they get older.


Read Written Words of Blessing Over Your Child

You may already know a blessing to read over your child, or you could write your own. Here are some of our favorites.


Choose a Song to Share With Your Child

Is there a spiritual song that was significant to you when you were waiting for your child? Is there a spiritual song that reflects what you hope for your child to experience with God? Is there a song you notice your child responds to?  Would you like to write a song for your child?  You could change the words of a simple children’s song like Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to be words that are a blessing you’d like to sing to your child. Play or sing this song to your child during your time of blessing. You may want to begin to sing this song each night as you put your child to bed.


Choose an Image to Share With Your Child

Are you a visual person? Do you understand or meet God more easily through pictures? Is there a picture or some other form of art that reminds you of who God is? Would you like to create something for your child? You may present the image to your child at your time of blessing and explain its significance. Place it above where your child sleeps as a reminder to your child, and you, of God’s presence in all of life.


Invite the Blessing of Significant Others

Invite extended family or friends to bless the life of God in your child. Invite them to share aloud their words of blessing, hope and commitment. Save these words for your child. Place them where your child can see them everyday or save them for when they get older to remember.


Remember Intentionally

Find ways to intentionally remember this celebration with your child.

  • Collect any words or images from the day and place them together in a special place.
  • Frame and hang words or images from the day that were significant.
  • Create a bedtime ritual by saying your child’s verse or by singing or playing the song you chose for them.
  • Read the blessing you chose for them each night.
  • Bring out reminders of this day on your child’s birthday each year.
  • Celebrate the anniversary of your child’s baptism or dedication each year.


We’d love to hear about the ways you’ve reflected and the ways you might remember this celebration day. You’ll have an opportunity to share your journey on the Child Baptism and Dedication Sign-Up Form.