We meet at Sabes Jewish Community Center in St. Louis Park (4330 Cedar Lake Road South) at 9:30am every Sunday. 

The people of Genesis gather together on Sundays to worship God, to remember the story of God, and to find our place within in it again (because we forget it so often). We gather to join God’s work of cultivating new beginnings in all of us, everywhere.

It's kind of awkward to talk about ourselves and how we are together as a community, so the best way to find out about us is to just come and see. Our gatherings are simple; we like to call ourselves "warmly liturgical." We sing, pray, preach, and celebrate the Eucharist (communion) together every week. Our worship gatherings last about an hour. 

We're young and old. We wear mom jeans and tattoos (though most likely not on the same person). We're left and right. We love God and we love to experience God's goodness together. 




Liturgy actually means "the work of the people." We believe our Sunday gatherings are a time for the community of God to be together, to worship together, to pray together... to be "in it together." We plan our Sunday gatherings to be participatory, with call and response prayers, conversational sermons, and heartfelt worship.

Each week we begin with a call to worship and spend time singing together. Then, after announcements and the offering, we read the weekly Scripture, which leads us to the sermon (about 25 minutes long). Next is the prayers of response. Then comes the central element of our Sundays, the Eucharist (communion), which we do every week. Taking the Eucharist every week reminds us that Jesus is present with us and available to us at all times. We close with a benediction.

Our entire liturgy is printed out for you each week to read and take home. We hope it brings you encouragement throughout the week. 




We love kids.

Kids Second Grade and up alternate weeks having class and worshipping with us in the theater. We love this for many reasons, but most importantly because the kids and teenagers in our community show us so much of what it's like to approach God honestly. And their comments during the sermons are (trust us) priceless.

For those First Grade and under we offer fun and meaningful kids programming during the service. We keep the kid-to-volunteer ratios very low because we want each child to be seen and known in a safe environment. All of our volunteers go through Genesis Kids training and a background check. We use a computerized check-in system for added safety and accountability.