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    Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Good Friday. On Ash Wednesday we receive the sign of the cross on our foreheads in ashes, and we are reminded that we are finite beings and sinful persons, destined to die. We begin the long journey of turning from sin and turning towards God, the only one who can redeem us and restore us. During Lent, we are humbled in the turning.

    Lent 6 - The King SERIES Lent 6 - The King

    Message from March 29, 2015 by Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor. Mark 11:1-11.

    Lent 5 - The Seed SERIES Lent 5 - The Seed

    Message from March 22, 2015 by Sinead Barry-Lukas, Team World Vision. John…

    Lent 4 - The Snakes SERIES Lent 4 - The Snakes

    Message from March 15, 2015 by Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor. Numbers 21:4-9.

    Lent 3 - The Cross SERIES Lent 3 - The Cross

    Message from March 8, 2014 by Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor. 1 Corinthians…

    Lent 2 - The Rebuke SERIES Lent 2 - The Rebuke

    Message from March 1, 2015 by Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor. Mark 8:31-38.…

    Lent 1 - The Wilderness SERIES Lent 1 - The Wilderness

    Message from February 22, 2015 by Steve Wiens, Senior Pastor. Mark 1:9-15.